EU experts, change makers meet to collaborate and produce ideas Event Date: 24.11.2017


Alumni of all Programs on EU approximation have met for the 1st time at a networking event, during which they had a chance to broaden their contact base, exchange ideas on future cooperation and learn about the German Cooperation’s plans for 2018-2020.

“The trainings have not only been about the skills – it’s a possibility to get to know the peers from other institutions, which enables colleagues to solve problems easier. Inter-institutional cooperation is our focus,” said Ms. Tetiana Ventsel, Project Advisor, GIZ.

On Friday 24 October 2017, the Reform Advisory Fund Project, implemented by GIZ on behalf of the German Government, organized a networking event for the Alumni of all training programs on EU integration, which were conducted in the framework ofthe German Cooperation in 2014-2017. Among the event’s participants were EU professionals from the Government Office of European and Euro-Atlantic Integration, all central bodies of executive power, National Bank of Ukraine and other financial regulators, civil society organizations and others.

Ms. Anne Bercio, team leader of the Capacity Development on EU Association from the Institute for European Policy (Berlin), lead trainer of all programs, encouraged the exchange between the participants and underlined the focus on sustainability of the German Cooperation.

“In the light of the recent EU Eastern Partnership Summit, we are happy to hear that Ukraine keeps to be on the top of EU agenda. You as experts are definitely on the top of our agenda. While high-flying ideas are discussed on the EU level, we here concentrate on feasible and achievable, sound step-by-step DCFTA and Association Agreement implementation,” she said.

During the course of the last 3 years, alumni of the programs have produced the Mini Blue Guide on Quality Infrastructure , modules for training their peers, and some alumni have actively engaged in GIZ trainings for their peers – Alla Dzhun, Mykhailo Rudenko, Daria Cherednichenko, Marina Nelina and Olena Khomenko received professional books as recognition of their achievements as new trainers.

“The fruits of our work will be picked from your trees,” said Ms. Bercio.

Ms Ventsel shared with the colleagues an honest feedback from training participants, which kept telling the organizers: “Thank you for putting me in touch with my colleagues from other institutions that work on the same topic as me. We know each other now. We call each other when we have a problem. We jointly work on our joint objective”.

That is why, Ms. Ventsel invited participants to brain storm on how do they want to cooperate in future. Guided by a professional consultant on project management, Mr. Sergiy Potapov, they came up with ideas during an interactive „Innovation Laboratory“.

Closing the official part of the event, Ms. Sattler shed the light on the project future plans.

“There is no oxygen left in this room – you transformed it all into energy of your ideas. You have given us a lot of food for thought. Our new project is starting in January and we will continue working on EU approximation. There will be one difference: we will ask way more for your ideas. The “Innovation fund” planned as part of our project will regularly issue calls for proposal – a chance for you to pitch your ideas on innovation on EU approximation in your institutions” said Ms. Sattler.

Afterwards all continued networking in a festive atmosphere and celebrating achieved results.


Reform Advisory Fund is implemented by the federal enterprise, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, that supports the German Government in achieving the objectives of international cooperation for sustainable development. Priority areas of German cooperation with Ukraine are democracy, civil society, public administration, decentralization, energy and sustainable economic development. In addition to priority areas, the German cooperation includes, among other things, the support for overcoming the crisis in eastern Ukraine, as well as cooperation in the field of HIV / AIDS prevention.