Making change: trained HR managers paint the picture of future civil service Event Date: 09.11.2017

The Nov. 9 evening networking celebrated the newly graduated trainers in human resource management (HRM) coming from several government bodies of Ukraine and brought them to brainstorming jointly and creatively how a civil servant of the future might look like.

“The whole reform process in Ukraine is impossible without happy civil servants – they are the ones doing the actual job every day. HR Managers are taking care of exactly this question: What motivates a civil servant? That I why, our graduates’ contribution is crucial to the reforms in Ukraine ,” said Ms. Jolanda Sattler, Project Director of the Reform Advisory Fund implemented by GIZ on behalf of the German Government.”They are passing their skills and knowledge further, for example, a specialist from the state asset agency (ARMA) trains colleagues in the State Fishery and vice versa”

In 2016-2017 GIZ conducted a comprehensive program for improvement of management in Public Administrations. Trainig of trainers, study trips and pilot trainings by the participants themselves built the network of strong professional HR managers and trainers in civil service.

“Before I felt myself as a perfect “personnel officer”, I thought this is my place and I didn’t wish for anything else. But now, after the program, I am a trainer to the core, this is my natural role I discovered. When any issue comes up in the working environment, conducting a training is the first solution that comes to my mind,” shared Tetiana Soboleva – HR specialist from National Agency of Ukraine for finding, tracing and management of assets

Other graduates also expressed their appreciation to the program managers and trainers and underlined their professional development in the course of the program.

“Good trainer is not just an expert – he or she can also win the audience’s attention and is ready to step back to give people space and to let them step forward. Everyone who graduated from the GIZ training program can call themselves not staff officers but real HR managers,” said Mariia Stetsiuk, deputy Director of the HR Department in the The Presidential Administration of Ukraine.

GIZ Ukraine Country Director Ms. Sabine Mueller encouraged the alumni to use their gained knowledge and skills and make the change in their institutions.

“I don’t have a privilege too often meet the actual change makers like you, so it’s a great honor. There is a saying that one can wait to become perfect and then live, or one can choose to live now. That’s great that you are the ones that choose to live now,” said Ms. Mueller.



Reform Advisory Fund is implemented by the federal enterprise, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, that supports the German Government in achieving the objectives of international cooperation for sustainable development. Priority areas of German cooperation with Ukraine are democracy, civil society, public administration, decentralization, energy and sustainable economic development. In addition to priority areas, the German cooperation includes, among other things, the support for overcoming the crisis in eastern Ukraine, as well as cooperation in the field of HIV / AIDS prevention.