The Project conducted a workshop on implementation of Automatic Information Exchange (AEOI) for representatives of the Ministry of Finance and State Tax Service. 22.06.2020

During June 10-12, 2020, a three-day practical seminar and online discussion was held with the working group of the Ministry of Finance and the State Tax Service on the topic: “Country-by-Country Reporting”. Discussion of the Roadmap for the implementation of Automatic Information Exchange (AEOI). Mutual Conciliation Procedure (MAP) and its application in Ukraine “.

The event was organized by the project «Good Financial Governance in Public Finance III», implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH on behalf of the Government of Germany, at the request of the Ministry of Finance and the State Tax Service of Ukraine.

German experts in the field of tax reporting between countries / automatic exchange of information, mutual agreement procedures and transfer pricing – Mrs. Olga Asseburg-Witfeldt, Mr. Arno Neumann and Mr. Alexander Leipold from the Federal Central Tax Office (Bonn), presented international experience and experience of Germany to Ukrainian colleagues, namely, representatives of the Department of International Taxation and Information Exchange and the Department of Implementation of International Agreements and Transfer Pricing of the Department of International Taxation of the Ministry of Finance; the department of transfer pricing inspections, the department of monitoring of controlled operations, the department of agreements and methodology of the Department of transfer pricing of the State Tax Service; Department of International Cooperation of the Organizational and Administrative Department; the department of development of technical documentation of processes of processing of electronic documents of management of maintenance of documentation of information processes of Department of electronic services; First Inspection Division of the Transfer Pricing and International Taxation Office of the STS Office of big taxpayers; sector of anti-virus protection, cyber protection and information protection in information and telecommunication systems of the Department of State Secrets, Technical and Cryptographic Information Protection.

Ukrainian experts were particularly interested in the components, legal framework and organization on the example of Germany, risk management in the context of country-by-country reporting, as well as procedures for mutual agreement and their application in Ukraine.

During the three days of presentation of the material and working discussion online, German experts together with Ukrainian colleagues considered the following issues:

• Legal provisions and legislation on inter-country reporting (CbCR);
• Organization, components of reporting between countries (CRS, FATCA, CbCR);
• Risk management using data from international information exchange;
• TP Mutual Agreement Procedures.

All of this allowed the representatives of the Ministry of Finance and the State Tax Service to gain additional experience in implementing the BEPS plan, primarily in the field of reporting between countries and the application of mutual coordination procedures, to learn from relevant examples of Germany and OECD, and to discuss their own issues. In addition, they will be able to use the acquired knowledge in their further work in the development of tax policy and administration in the above areas, and solve a number of problems.