Master students of University of the State Fiscal Service took the oath of a civil servant! 20.01.2020

On January 16, the solemn oath of young professionals, participants of the pilot project “Dual education: a new form of personnel training for state tax service bodies” took place. 10 professionals started working at the Principal Office of the State Tax Service in Kyiv.

The Project Director of “Good Financial Governance III”, implemented by the German governmental organization Deutsche Gesellschaft für internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, Thomas Meyer, congratulated the students and the board members of the State Tax Service and emphasized that “the oath is, first and foremost, a signal of a desire to act responsibly and devotedly as a civil servant“.

Young professionals are of crucial importance on the way of reforming any kind of state institution. First of all, people with an unbiased point of view, with ability and readiness to implement innovative ideas and carry out their duties in a virtuous way, are needed” said the Deputy Head of the State Tax Service of Ukraine Dmytro Ventskovsky.

The first project of this kind in Ukraine “Dual education: a new form of personnel training for state tax service bodies”, which is jointly implemented by the State Tax Service and the University of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine with the support of GIZ Ukraine and Kyiv School of Economics provides an opportunity to combine studying with work at the State Tax Service. The main objective of the project is to promote a new culture of civil service based on professionalism, responsibility and transparency. Following to German experience, students acquire the knowledge and skills required for civil service under the guidance of experienced mentors who also have completed a special study course at the Kyiv School of Economics.

“The mentoring program is based on the motivation for personal development of both student and mentor” said one of the mentors during his speech.

Following the signing of the Order on Appointment of students to civil service, all participants expressed their sincere hopes for the continuation of the project and the involvement of more students in the dual education program in next years.

Thanks to continuous German support of developments in field of dual education in Ukraine, new amendments to the Law “On High Education” was introduced by the Parliament in December 2019. After the signature from the President earlier this month, dual education is now defined as one of the two main forms of high education in Ukraine (Article 49 of the Law of Ukraine “On High Education”).