The value of the organization’s brand was discussed with HR professionals of government agencies 09.10.2020

The attractiveness of the employer’s brand now plays a key role in attracting qualified professionals. And how do the potential candidates for open positions see the public sector? Representatives of various government bodies answered this question during the fifth module of the training program “Recruitment in the field of public finance system”.

In particular, the trainer Svitlana Kotlyarevska advised the participants of the module to ask the employees the following questions:

– Why does a person work in an organization?
– Under what conditions the employee is going to leave the company?
– How did the employee realize that this organization would suit him best?

The answers to these questions will help HR professionals to form such brand of the organization that will help to spread vacancies among the most suitable candidates.

The training program for recruiters working in financial institutions is implemented in cooperation with GIZ Ukraine. The program is aimed at employees of personnel management services of such financial institutions as the Ministry of Finance, the Accounting Chamber, the State Audit Office, the State Treasury Service, the State Customs Service, the Antimonopoly Committee, the State Financial Monitoring Service and the State Tax Service of Ukraine.