Train of trainer Project has started for MoF participants 21.09.2018

At the beginning of September, a set of trainings under Train the Trainer (ToT) project was launched for 21 participants from Ministry of Finance and 12 participants from State Fiscal Service. ToT project was elaborated commonly  as a result of GIZ and MoF efforts for MoF participants. Participants from SFS are also engaged in the Project, however only in the part of “soft skills” trainings.

The MoF has a lot of practicing highly motivated and experienced professionals who are willing to share their knowledge with the others. Therefore, preparation of trainers that are able to provide high quality internal and external trainings on the actual reform issues (budgeting, taxation, internal work organization etc.) is vital for further reform of public administration in general and reform of public finance management (PFM) in particular.

To achieve the project objectives it is planned 4 trainings to develop soft skills: presentation skills, effective communication, moderation skills, and train the trainer training.

After all trainings, civil servants are planned to work in pairs to carry out their own workshops/trainings firstly inside, and afterwards outside their institutions in their respective professional areas according to the training calendar.